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The following are some links to agencies which you may wish to contact for assistance. Simply click on the provided web site link and you will automatically be directed to your web site choice.  Chipman Cremation Centre also has  an executors checklist & “THINGS TO REMEMBER” available upon request, to help with before, during and after the loss of a loved one. 

Here you will find information regarding death and survivor benefits for children and answers to any questions on how to apply and eligibility –
Here you will find information regarding Canada Pension Plan Benefits, Old Age Security, application forms for CPP and OAS, addresses, telephone numbers and other information pertaining to Income Security Programs –
Here you will find information about the department, various programs and other useful information
Here you will find information about the Department of Veterans Affairs, how to apply for veteran benefits, who qualifies for these benefits, what services are offered by Veteran Affairs Canada and much more –
Here you will find information regarding the Last Post Fund, benefits, how to apply, who is eligible to apply, what services are available and contact information for the Last Post Fund – IMPORTANT NOTICE:   As of October 1, 2012 a Last Post National Service centre will enable our clientell to reach us via a single phone number:  1-800-465-7113
QUESTIONS ABOUT A FUNERAL HOME OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH A FUNERAL??Here you will have some of your questions answered.  This site provides information such as choosing a funeral home, understanding your options, financing a funeral, costs of a funeral, coping with grief and much more –
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